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Sameer Khan[1][2][3][4][5] (born as Sameer Ahmed on 7 January 1995) is an Indian author, poet and certified life coach. His book, ‘Eerie Edges- the end you were scared of’[6] was published in March 2017. He was also a part of TEDx Kharghar,[7] and talked on the topic of ‘How domestic ignorance leads to psychological disturbances into mental health issues’. He traveled across India from 2017 to 2018, covering up to 3000 cities, spreading awareness about depression and mental health using the tool of storytelling.[8][9] He has been involved in many initiatives with writers and psychiatrists to help in the fight against depression.[10][11]


Sameer Khan is a poet, author and TEDx speaker

Sameer started his journey from the town of Lucknow, accidentally entering the field of writing.[12][13] He talks about his rendezvous in his introduction to his book ‘Eerie Edges’,[14] where he tells about the conception of the very idea of the book.[15] When spending his nights in the hospital canteen supporting his parents, he learnt the power words have on a human psyche. That’s when the poet inside him emerged. His poem, ‘How Depression Killed my Love’, is widely acknowledged for its vivid depiction of the struggle of a depressed man falling in love.[16] His statement, “I don’t see humans. I see metaphors” is the most viral quote on social media at present.[17] Known most popularly as ‘A Warrior of Art’,  he continues to spread awareness on depression, love, hatred and other social issues[18] in his work of poems titled “The lore of Rainbows” for LGBTIQ community,[19] “A chestnut of Cuddles and Care”[20] and “A Series dedicated to HER”.[21] His work has also been featured on many prestigious platforms as guest speaker, poet such as TEDx, Wittyfeed, Filtercopy, BuddyBits, EDEX live, Woovly Bucket list[22][23]Sameer also has been part of many writing workshops as guest speaker  including INDEX 17 at IIM Lucknow, Culfest 18 by NIT, Sarthak Foundation Lucknow.


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