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Stepdad (Intro) lyrics

Skit] Get up Dad, what? What’d I fuckin’ tell you about turnin’ off the lights? (What, what? I didn’t do it) Don’t fuckin’ lie to me, I told you fuckin’ don’t touch, turn the fuckin’ lights off (Stop, I didn’t do it) Don’t you fuckin’ lie, you little fucker (No, ah, ah) Don’t you fuckin’ lie to me (Stop)

Intercourse lyrics

Good News 2020

Intro: Popcaan & YG] Gyal, yuh pussy good from birth Wan’ yuh bend it over, yeah, in them skirt Gyal, yuh full ah energy like dancehall concert (Weh, haha) Good sex is all you get I love to see you get wet (Woii yoii) Cho, weh (Mustard on the beat, ho) Ayy [Verse 1: Popcaan] […]