Funny Seeing You Here lyrics

I know you hate the way we drifted
But we both inside this party and we lifted
So what’s up?

I’ma sip my drink and crack a big smile
Just to see if I can still get you ’cause it’s been a while, yeah
It’s been a minute now
Your friends just started listening to my music, but I been in style
You say that I play too much, but we both know I been a child
Asked you when you got to town, you say that you’ve been in town
That’s fucked up
So you just wasn’t gon’ hit me?
Lookin’ like this, you thought it wasn’t gon’ tempt me?
I’m sorry, but you ain’t gotta bar me up

You should come and step into my world just like Narnia
I won’t do no harm to you, come on, let’s find a quiet spot

How’s your sister and your niece? Does she still cry a lot?
Who you talkin’ to now? Are y’all ’bout to tie a knot?
Hope not, speak now, hold your peace, I will make that show stop

‘Member back when I would come and spend the night at your house
Wake up by myself in bed ’cause you’d be at the stovetop
Walk inside the kitchen, put my hands up, ah, let me stop
Please excuse me, I know these are heavy thoughts
A man’s greed can’t see the things that he’s already got
Fucked it up between us ’cause I wanted you and every thot

Things would only worsen when you’d let me rock
Your bestie tried to warn you, but you told her that, “He said he stopped”
You used to say her man was trash and tell me ’bout the way he’d act
I would shake my head until I realized I’m the same as that
Now I wonder, did she tell her man that I’m a trash dude?
And would he shake his head until he realized he was trash too?
I know this reunion’s unexpected, but it’s past due
At least if you ask me, I won’t ask you
So what you ’bout to do?

I know you hate the way we drifted
But we both inside this party and we lifted
So what’s up?

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