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Girls in the Hood lyrics

Good News 2020

Verse 1] Fuck bein’ good, I’m a bad bitch (Ah) I’m sick of motherfuckers tryna tell me how to live (Fuck y’all) Wack hoes hate under my pictures on the ‘Gram (Ugh) Bitch, you better hope I never run across your man, uh In the mall with him, I’ma have a ball with him (Yeah, yeah, woah) Somebody call Rihanna, I’ma buy some drawers […]

Freaky Girls lyrics

Good News 2020

[Intro: Logic] (What Juicy say? He be like, “Shut the fuck up”) (Love it, man) [Chorus: SZA] I’ma be your freak any time or place, any day of the week Said I’ma let you hit it, I ain’t scared, I ain’t shy, it’s cool with me I’m lookin’ for a thug who ain’t scared of the pussy with a gangster […]