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Leaving Heaven lyrics

[Intro: Eminem] Yeah (I knew this day was coming) Sometimes, you gotta come back down (It’s all going to hell now, man) Stoop to someone’s level (Yeah) [Verse 1: Eminem] Five dozen flies buzzin’ over your head Call me the Grim Reaper, sleep is my cousin You’re dead to me now and I’ma be the last face you see […]

Heaven on Earth lyrics

[Intro] Hear me out Here we go Get it Hmm, mm [Verse 1] No, I ain’t got time for no fuckers, no fakes Rager mode, see I’m stuck in my ways Strappin’ in with the troops and my syndicate Swear to God, get the fuck out my face, nigga (Yeah) At it, we kill ’em, […]