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Intro] Uh, uh No turn Ayy [Chorus] She already chose, why you trippin’? She ain’t that significant Used to have a gimmick (Gimmick) Glad I never went big with it (Ayy) Now I got the big wigs spendin’ (Big spendin’, hey, hey, hey, hey) I got Titos on the rocks With some cranberry mixed in with it, oof (In with it, ayy, ayy) She […]

cowboy like me lyrics

[Verse 1] And the tennis court was covered up With some tent-like thing And you asked me to dance But I said, “Dancin’ is a dangerous game” [Verse 2] Oh, I thought This is gonna be one of those things Now I know I’m never gonna love again [Chorus] I’ve got some tricks up my […]