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She Loves Me lyrics

[Intro] She loves me, she loves my knot Not for who I am, but what I got, yeah And I don’t wanna blow up her spot But da-na-na, na-na, da-naa (Woo) [Verse 1] Lady, I been watchin’ you from the back every time that you walk past Hate to put you on blast but you […]

Lovin’ Me lyrics

Intro: Kid Cudi] Yo Yo Mmm Ooh [Verse 1: Kid Cudi] Please, Lord, hear me now, hope you’re listening It’s been centuries, least what it seems to me I’ve been on this road, my eyes glistenin’ As I stare at Scott, I know he’s all I got Our pasts don’t matter, babe, I’m much stronger […]

cowboy like me lyrics

[Verse 1] And the tennis court was covered up With some tent-like thing And you asked me to dance But I said, “Dancin’ is a dangerous game” [Verse 2] Oh, I thought This is gonna be one of those things Now I know I’m never gonna love again [Chorus] I’ve got some tricks up my […]

Reminds Me Of You lyrics

[Chorus: The Kid LAROI] I can’t play that song ’cause it reminds me of you I can’t watch that show ’cause it reminds me of you I can’t even go there, it reminds me of you I don’t wanna do that, it reminds me of you Cut off all of my friends ’cause they remind […]